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Software Engineering firm specializing in Cloud, Mobile, and Web Application development

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Web Solutions/Applications

Your business performs best when its web site is capable of handling many complex forms of user interactions, data usage, and other activities. This is especially true given the strong presence of Web 2.0. These solutions come in many different shapes and sizes, and while some are more complicated than others, they all must be expertly designed and developed... read more.


Cloud computing is steadily transforming the way businesses deliver their services, regardless of size or industry. However, while cloud technology presents many promising opportunities for innovation and improvement, it can be challenging to properly implement the right cloud solutions, especially in a timely and cost-effective manner. This is where M52 Studios comes in... read more.


The web presents many tools, platforms, systems, and other resources for helping you solve problems. The challenge is determining which web applications and techniques will provide the most value based on your business needs. Having the right web strategy is essential for success, and knowing how to properly manage complex solutions that require significant investment is what will put you ahead of the competition. M52 Studios does it... read more.

API/Service Development

With APIs (application programming interfaces), you can vastly increase the functionality of web applications by having them interact and share data with each other. This often results in enhanced usability, and allows multiple software applications to work together more easily in order to help solve business problems or fulfill the needs of users... read more.

Mobile Development

Mobile devices continue to gain momentum among users of all kinds, which highlights the importance of being able to integrate your key business applications with mobile platforms. By bringing mobile functionality to your web solutions, you can benefit from high availability, intuitive features, and responsive design -- everything you need to bring your services to any device, anywhere, any time. M52 Studios is your mobile solution provider... read more.

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