Web Solutions/Applications

Your business performs best when its web site is capable of handling many complex forms of user interactions, data usage, and other activities. This is especially true given the strong presence of Web 2.0. These solutions come in many different shapes and sizes, and while some are more complicated than others, they all must be expertly designed and developed

M52 Studios specializes in engineering complex web solutions that deliver strong results. We focus on what your web applications are truly capable of delivering, and build a solution that maximizes that potential. As full-stack developers, we can build these applications using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.) stack or Microsoft stack, thereby providing flexible options for our clients.

LAMP stack is often open source and allows you to leverage interchangeability, making LAMP well-suited for dynamic web solutions and applications. Microsoft stacks have powerful, proven tools that can deliver strong results across your web applications. We also specialize in building single-page applications (SPAs), which dynamically loads resources on a web page to provide a more fluid user experience.

Whether your web solution needs to span multiple devices and environments, process large amounts of data, run real-time calculations, or perform other complicated tasks, M52 Studios can help make it happen.

Some Web Solutions Include:

  • Dynamic Web Sites
  • Database Development & Design
  • Single-page Applications (SPAs)
  • Data-driven Web Tools

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